Cut and Turned (Rotated) Toyota front axle housings: 

A must for any Spring Over Axle modification. Increase your pinion angle to relieve driveline angles and get your differential out of the rocks. Increase your caster angle to accommodate larger tires and improve handling characteristics. Rotated to your specifications, fast turnaround and some "ready-to-ship" housings in stock now. "Ready-to-ship" housings ship same day*. Or ship us your "core" housing and we'll have it back on its way to you in around a week from the time it arrives to us. Cruiser Outfitters has been building SOA front axle housings for over 15 years, we cut and turned literally hundreds of FJ40, FJ60, FJ62, BJ70, 4Runner/Pickup and even 80 Series housings for customers all over the US, Canada and South America. This service is only available for Toyota solid front axle housings, 40 Series, 55 Series, 60 Series, etc. Our service is not available for Dana style axle housings as our equipment and jig will not accommodate those setups. We are not able to install spring perches, shock mounts or steering stops on the cut/turned axle housings as those items need to be positioned while setting up the axle to your particular application.

Rotated Front Housing Pricing:  

- $350.00     with your core axle housing
- $195.00     with your CLEAN core axle (see details below)
- $550.00**  without core (FJ40/45/55/70)
- $550.00**  without core (FJ60/62)
- Shipping is ~$45-65 to the continental US

CLEAN axle housings: The reduced price reflects axles sent to us that have had all of the major cleanup work performed prior to arrival. All of the following need to be removed (steering stops, brake line tabs, shock mounts, spring perches and U-Bolt retainers, and steering damper mounts if present). In addition the removed components must be ground to the bare housing. In addition to all the components being removed and ground, the weld around the ends of the axle tube (right at the edge of the knuckle) must be ground smooth with the housing. Axle must be free of grease and lube. All of these components need to be removed for the SOA conversion at some point, we are just offering you a way to save some money by doing the "dirty work". Additionally clean housings can be shipped back to you a couple of days quicker.

We Cut & Turn more Land Cruiser axles than ANYONE!

Our "ready-to-ship" & core axle housings are modified drum brake axle housings that can be ready for your disc brakes to installed, rotated housings do not include spring perches, shock mounts, brake hose brackets, or steering stops, Due to the nature of the suspension setup, design, and off-road use, there is no warranty on axle modifications or labor. Warranty information available here. Please call or email for more information.

Now Available:

Power Steering Kits - PARTS AVAILABLE NOW

Heavy Duty Spring Perches - $20.00 per set of 2 - Part# HDSOAPerch

Coming Soon:

Spring-Over Kits: Will include all of the necessary parts and instructions to do the job. We currently stock many of the major parts needed for the spring over axle conversion, though a comprehensive kit is not currently available as we are finding there are too many variables to make a "fits-all" SOA kit. (Update: Individual parts only at this time)

Shackle Reversal Kits: Will include front spring hangers, frame tube, bushings, etc. Installs in 4-6 hours. (Update: Not currently available)

Custom Steering Rods: Stock/Custom DOM Metric Tie-rods and Drag-links.

* Based on average scheduling, please email for up to date scheduling information. 

** Subject to availability of core axle housings, please call or email for more information.

Prices & Specifications subject to change without notice - Prices updated 05/01/2020

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