From Ali S. - Fairfax, VA
"Over the last 26 months during my FJ60 restoration you, you have been a pleasure to work with and a wealth of knowledge, I got my truck back from paint yesterday and install the customer bumpers and final parts so I though it would be fitting to write a thank you email to all the people that have helped me along the way."

From Robert B. - Kalispell, MT
"Got my ARB bumper put on that I bought from you when I came down and picked it up. My wife hit a deer last night doing about 45mph, hurt the deer and put a dent in the hood but everyone is fine, except for the deer of course. Didn't put a scratch on the bumper. My third ARB bumper, if anyone ever doubts whether they are worth it or not, have them call me. Thanks again!"

From Dave J. - Provo, Utah
"I wanted to let you know I went down to Hole in the Rock a few weeks ago. It was a great trip, the Cruiser performed better than the Jeeps I was with in fact I led pack and it was just a great trip and the result were great. Thanks again!"

From C. Bell - Sandy, Utah
"I wanted to thank you again for your AWESOME work and service last week. You guys did a sweet job on my truck, and in a single day no less! That OME setup rides as amazingly as I had hoped for and your snorkel installation was perfect. No small feat I know. "

From Martin Hovis - North Carolina

"I love the site and the pictures you put up. I love your FJ40, beautiful! I have emailed you in the past about doing a spring over and wanting to know what you did to not make it HUGE like most, well with your input and lots of research I finally built mine..."

From Gilbert - Lebenon
"I am the owner of a little work shop down here in the middle east where I redo and restore old fj40s and fj45s...I hope you like my work I wish you a happy happy new year yours truly Gilbert"

From Chuck Horton - Florida

"Thank you for a great job on the cut/turn housing..."


From Nate and Arora at Really Sick Rigs
Cruiser Outfitters is a great company.  I am building a custom rock buggy from the ground up and I was having trouble finding an adapter kit to link up my Chevy 350 with my Toyota Turbo tranny.  Kurt gave me an awesome deal on the adapter plate, clutch and flywheel I needed.  He had the parts to me within two days, so I didn't have to slow down the building process.  Kurt is easy to get in touch with and always willing to help me out and answer all of my questions.  I highly recommend Cruiser Outfitters if you want reliable service and your rig outfitted with the right components.

From Eric Anderson aka "Mustard Dog"  - California
Kurt, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys. It's not very often that you find a company that will ship a hard to find part right away without even getting paid for it first. It's that kind of mellow, trusting attitude that will keep me coming back to Cruiser Outfitters for future needs. Thanks a lot, Eric Anderson

From Chris Alfonso of Wasatch Cruisers
I was amazed at the customer service I received by Cruiser Outfitters.  Yes it's true Cruiser Outfitters has great pricing and availability, but what really stands out from my transaction was the manner in which I was treated by Cruiser Outfitters.  Any questions I had regarding my order were quickly and accurately answered.  It's nice to eliminate the run-around and deal with professionals!
-Chris Alfonso

From Justin Reece - Colorado
I was in the middle of building one ton axles for my FJ60 when I met Kurt on the web.  We started talking and he got me everything I needed...ARB, Detroit, Gears in just a couple of days!  Not only was that the fastest I have ever got parts but he also gave me one heck of a deal on them.  To top it all off I just happened to be going through SLC on I-15 so Kurt met me at a gas station to give me my parts so I would not get lost on the unfamiliar streets of SLC.  Thanks so much Kurt you really helped me out.  I hope you guys get the privilege of dealing with him too.  Justin Reece

From Dan Davis of Wasatch Cruisers
I could not have been happier with my dealings with Kurt, Eric and Cruiser Outfitters!  They have a fantastic depth of knowledge of all things Cruiser.  I have a V8 with Howell EFI in my FJ40 and they were able to track down the problem, find the right parts, and get me up and running quickly.  And, I learned a ton about my rig from them in the process. Very impressive service…fast response, great parts availability, friendly, really good prices, and easy to work with.  I will use with them again, and can recommend them without reservation for any 4x4 needs.

From Dave Suko - Washington
Kurt, I want to thank you again for your prompt attention and courtesy in changing the shipping destination. I got a emergency call yesterday morning which necessitates that I travel for the next 6 days. Having the parts sitting on my porch for six days and not in the hands of my friend who is doing the axle work may put my cruiser trip which is planned for the end of the month in jeopardy. Your great attitude and willingness to help me out is beyond reproach, and I will certainly remember you when I need cruiser parts in the future. Thank you again Kurt, Dave




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