Cruiser Outfitters has been selling and installing Advance Adapter products for over ten years. We can get you any Advance Adapters part or accessory you may need, including the Atlas Transfer Case and Dual-Case adapters for Pickups and 4Runners

The Advance Adapters Atlas 3.8:1 Ultra low, Atlas 4.3:1 Extreme low, and the Atlas "Highlander" 3.0:1 gear-driven transfer cases are the ultimate in gearing and strength. These units are the solution for combining both on and off road performance. From its inception in 1996, we have had numerous inquires to fit the Atlas into a wide spectrum of vehicles. Today the Atlas has been installed in both full and down size vehicles such as Land Cruisers, Jeeps, Broncos, Explorers, Dodge, Chevy & Ford Trucks. These units can be found in daily driven vehicles, all the way up to the extreme rock crawling vehicles. When you want or need peace of mind on the trail, in the rocks, on the sand, or in the mud, the Atlas is the transfer case for you. 

(Atlas Transfer Case)
Special Pricing
Please call to order

The ORION case is here and available. Finally there is a solution to the older 10 & 16 spline transfer cases. Fits 63 - 7/80' 4x/55 Series Land Cruisers. Call to ordered yours today
SALE - $1950.00

The Orion includes features such as:
4:1 low range gearing (Retains standard 1:1 high range)
One-piece cast iron housing
All new bearings, seals and gaskets
Direct BOLT-IN, no driveline modifications required.

Marks 4WD Transfer Case Gears (40/60/62/70 Series)
AA716920      - 2.81:1 Low Range & 8% OD T/C Gears (34mm Idler)  - $2035.00
AA716920UD - 3.05:1 Low Range & 8% UD T/C Gears (34mm Idler)  -  $2035.00
AA716921      - 2.81:1 Low Range & 8% OD T/C Gears (38mm Idler)  - $2035.00
AA716921UD - 3.05:1 Low Range & 8% UD T/C Gears (38mm Idler)  -  $2035.00
(Fits 8/1980 - 1/1990 4x/6x/7x Series Land Cruisers ONLY with Split-Case)

Because we sell so much volume of the Advance Adapter products, often times we can get you the best prices on these products.  Feel free to give us a call or e-mail us at with your Advance Adapters needs.

Visit Advance Adapters on the web.

Prices subject to change without notice - Prices updated 7/13/18

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