Recovery Gear Checklist & Technical Info

Recovery gear checklists can realistically be broken down into two major classifications... Winch or Non-winch. Though there is definitely overlap in the two classifications, there are also specific items needed in one and not the other. If you plan to add a vehicle mounted winch to your rig, then you might start slowly adding winch related recovery gear to your kit.

Basic Recovery Gear:

Recovery Strap - 30' is an ideal size, too short or too long can be more of a hindrance than a benefit. Make sure the strap is heavy duty, minimum of 15,000 lb working load limit. Make sure strap has sewn loop ends versus hooks. Use shackles or tow hooks on vehicle to attach to vehicle.

Gloves & Safety Glasses

Clevis Shackles

Jack - Hi-Lift




Advanced Recovery Gear:
Traction Mats

Hand Winch

Exhaust Jack

Drag Chain

Winch Specific Recovery Gear:
Winch Controller (Remote) - The winch is worthless without it. Make sure your connections are clean and inspect the wiring for frays, cuts, knicks, etc. and replace accordingly.
Tree Protector - To be used for all winch setups when using a tree as an anchor.


Line Damper

Adv. Winch Recovery Gear:
In-cab Winch Controls

Winch Anchor Device - Pullpal, Dansforth, etc.

Winch Extension -


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