OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Carburetor FAQ

Identifying Your Carb:
Factory Toyota carbs were manufactures by Aisin. Aisin stamped a date code on the top of every carb. While this date code is the absolute indicator of the actual manufacture of the carb, there are instances in which a replacement carb can have a much newer date code than its actual design. However in most cases the date code is an excellent means of identifying your carb.

How to Decipher the Code:

First Digit: (Numeral) is the last digit of the year. Ex. a 2 could be 1962, 1972, or 1982.
Second Digit: (Letter) corresponds to the month. Ex. A = January, B = February, etc.
Third/Fourth Digits: (Numeral) corresponds to the individual batch of carb's.

Examples: 1D6 = April of 1971 or 1981, which would easily be narrowed by identifying the remainder of the carb components.

Need More Information? Check out this informative thread on the Ih8mud website: http://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/date-code-carb-identification.88356/

Information contributed by the following Land Cruiser carb specialists:

Jim "JimC" Chenoweth
TLC Performance
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
Ph. 740.862.2604

Mark Algazy
437 North Moss Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 953-9230

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