Safari Snorkel SS135HFD

Modified for '05-'10 Toyota Tacoma 1GRFE 4.0 Liter-V6

Install Guide by Dave Bennett & Cruiser Outfitters




3 foot section of 3 inch Exhaust Pipe (1)
3x3 inch Heavy Duty Rubber Plumbing connector (1)
3 inch hose clamps (2)
4 inch hose clamp (1)
Black Silicone Sealant (RTV)
Silicone spray lubricant
Touch up paint

NOTE: These parts are all available at your hardware store or auto shop.The exhaust tubing will require bends for proper installation. Keep in mind you can easily drive the truck (after mounting the snorkel) to an exhaust shop, they can easily bend the tube to fit your install.

Fitment To: Passenger Side Fender / A-Pillar

Fitting Time: 6-8 Hours (Depending on Skill Level, Tools, etc.) - Update: With the custom template now included in all SS135MOD kits, install time has been reduced to approximately 4-5 hours, again depending on skill level, tools, etc. We plan on 4 hours here in the shop.

Special Tools:

  • 92mm hole saw
  • 3/8 Drill with assorted drill bits (a uni-bit or step drill bit is preferred)
  • Hack saw/air hack saw
  • Round file
  • Tube bender

Prior to commencing the installation, it is the Installer's responsibility to verify that all components and particularly the template placement (Item 14) are correct!

Ensure you have all parts and tools accounted for before you begin work!


Open hood. Remove the OEM air intake duct from inner fender/engine intake using a screwdriver and 10mm socket/ratchet. Leave intake air filter in place


Remove the RHS inner fender liner and the engine air intake duct from engine bay in accordance with the factory service manual.

There are 6 plastic inserts  and 2 10mm screws retaining the fender well liner to the inner fender well and fender flare. 

From the inside of the engine compartment, remove the plastic inserts carefully using a flat tip screwdriver, popping them out toward the tire. Using a 10mm socket, remove the screws from the edge of the flare and remove the last 2 plastic clips hidden under them.

Fold the liner back out of your way as shown (this will all be re-installed in reverse order later).


(Update: The SS135MOD now ships with a custom template that eliminates the need for step 3, instead temporarily attach the template to the fender using masking tape and proceed with marking, drilling and cutting. It is still advisable to double check the template and your marking with the old method prior to drilling any holes. Measure twice, drill once.)

Hold the snorkel up to the fender where you want the snorkel to mount, paying special attention to the indentation in the snorkel for the antenna.

Attach the studs and then mark them with paint.

CAREFULLY (have a buddy help out if possible) hold the snorkel back up where you just had it and lightly touch the painted studs to the sheet metal.

Pay close attention to the antenna indentation mentioned earlier as well as the rake of the snorkel at the windshield and the level appearance of the snorkel on the fender.

Using the stud marks you have chosen, align your template and firmly tape it on.

Mark all holes and cut-outs with a black marker.

This will mark the location for attaching the template to drill the 5 holes and the use of the 92mm hole saw.

NOTE: This is all necessary as this template is cut out to fit the contours of a HILUX fender and not a TACOMA (see picture for detail)


Using a spring loaded punch, mark the exact location for drilling your 6 pilot holes


Using a small drill bit, drill pilot holes.

Drill the 5 snorkel mounting stud hole positions to 16mm.

Using the 92mm hole saw, drill the main hole.

Enlarge the main hole as per template cut away section.

Test fit snorkel to fender.

Use round file to adjust any mounting stud holes that are not true for smooth fit (this is not a cause for alarm as studs may protrude slightly irregularly).

De-burr and paint all holes. Allow sufficient drying time.


Test fit and trim down the Hose – Air Entry.

It is beneficial to fit this air entry hose to the entire snorkel body assembly and then do a test fit before final install of the snorkel body to the fender.

Pay close attention to the tight fit inside the fender and take your time.

I trimmed about 5 inches+ off mine (an inch at a time!) where it mounts to the snorkel inside the fender. Trim the oval end, DO NOT trim round end!

This is necessary as it is a tight turn inside the fender for the air entry hose to fit through the inner fender well air intake opening.

Once you are satisfied with fit and length, move on to next step.

NOTE: Save a 2 inch wide piece of the air entry hose for use later on the intake.


Carefully mount snorkel to fender using supplied washers and locking nuts.

Start at the front nut and tighten evenly as you go, using a cross pattern.

Install air entry hose on snorkel inside fender and tighten hose clamp for water tight fit.

Re-install inner fender liner, replacing all plastic inserts and the 2 10mm screws at the fender flares.


Mount upper bracket to snorkel body using supplied 10mm bolts.

Using bracket as a template, carefully mark 3 screw locations on A-pillar with black marker.

Punch, drill pilot holes and finally drill these out to 8mm.

De-burr and paint. Allow sufficient drying time.

Insert plastic body inserts.

Install all 3 10mm bolts and all 3 screws at A-pillar. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!  


Measure the distance from the rubber snout to the opening on the air filter assembly.

Using a tube bender, carefully bend the 3 inch pipe (Intake Connector) and cut to desired length as shown below. DO NOT cut the pipe too short, it must insert fully at both ends!

STEP 10:

Remove the air cleaner housing and inspect. There are 2 small holes, waterproof these holes by applying the black silicone sealant (RTV). Replace the housing.

Using the 2 inch piece left over from the air entry hose (Step 6), slide this over the end of the Intake Connector and then apply the 3x3 heavy duty rubber plumbing connector over this as shown.

Using the bare metal and of the Intake Connector, lubricate with silicone spray and insert it into the rubber snout at the fender.

Rotate the Intake Connector to the desired angle and, lubricating with silicone spray, insert the rubber connection at the air cleaner housing.

Ensure that angles are good for airflow and then install and tighten the remaining hose clamps (this assembly requires 4 total including the one hidden inside the fender).

NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to ensure a watertight seal at the 4 clamps – these are the ONLY possible source of leaks so if done right you have no worries!

STEP 11:

Position the air inlet sleeve (Item No.17, looks like a large washer) onto the snorkel body and secure into position using black silicone (RTV). The air inlet sleeve is no longer included in all SS135MOD applications and is not mandatory fitment. The water seperation of the newer (included) Safari Snorkel air ram assemblies does not require the sleeve and in fact allows greater air flow without it.

Lastly, install the air ram assembly and fasten with the black hose clamp provided.


Buy Yours Here: SS135MOD

Thanks to Dave for his EXCELLENT install guide, and more so for being brave enough to attempt the install. We had originally offered a general invite for someone to bring their Tacoma to us for the install with the hopes of installing it and making an instruction manual as such. With Dave's location it just wouldn't work out that way, he offered to write the guide for us! Needless to say our expectations were exceeded.

*See something missing, wrong, or incomplete? Please let us know!

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