2010-15 Toyota 4Runner Suspension Kits
(Fits All 2010-2016 5th Generation 4Runners inc. KDSS Models)

Old Man Emu suspensions achieve excellence with their range of fully integrated 4x4 shocks & suspension systems.

Vehicle suspension, especially those that are fitted to 4WD's, are complex to say the least. So many factors go towards determining the right solution that no one "fix" is the answer to all vehicle models.  Old Man Emu is unique. The philosophies, technology & methods behind the development of each of our products combine to ensure you get the best components the world has to offer.

From humble beginnings in the tough world of off road racing in Australia, to now being respected world wide, OME takes a unique approach to the design, development, testing and support of their product range.

Many of their customers love toughing it off road, and this can vary from endless hours, even days, of flat, yet corrugated dirt roads to hardcore, deeply rutted, rock strewn off road tracks. At the other end of the spectrum there are the four wheel drive owners who have no intention of tackling anything remotely off road. Instead, they're looking for dramatically increased ride comfort on the bitumen or to give them access to their weekend property or their favorite, out of the way fishing spot.

Old Man Emu 3" Suspension Lift

Ultimate Light/Medium Kit/Heavy (Includes EVERYTHING) Part# OME4R5ULM - $895.00
(Retail Price - $1170.85)
1 - OME 2884/2885/2887 Front Coil Springs (Pair)*
2 - 90010 Front Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers
1 - OME 2889/2898/2899 Rear Coil Springs (Pair)**
2 - 60080/60081 Rear Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers***

* Front Coil Selection:
OME 2884 Coils designed for 0-50 lbs of additional front weight (no bumper and no winch)
OME 2885 Coils designed for 70-180lbs of additional weight (with bumper or winch only)
OME 2887 Coils designed for 250+ lbs of additional front weight (bumper & winch)

** Rear Coil Selection:
OME 2889 Coils designed for 0-250 lbs of additional rear weight (bumpers, racks, etc)
OME 2898 Coils designed for 440 lbs of additional constant rear weight
OME 2899 Coils designed for 880 lbs of additional constant rear weight

***Rear Shock Selection:
60080 shocks for OME 2889 rear coils & soft ride with OME 2898 coils.
60081 shocks for OME 2899 rear coils and firm ride with OME 2898 coils

Light Racing Upper Control Arms (sold as pair)
Part# SUS25480 - $486.00

(Allows 4 degrees of caster adjustment and 2 degrees of camber adjustment)

Front Coilover Assembly Service- $75/pair
Available with the purchase of any pair of front OME struts and OME Coils. Price includes new upper strut mounts, washers, retainers and bushings. Assemblies will ship ready for installation on you vehicle, simply remove your old assembly and slide this one into place. Requires far less downtime and additional tools needed to disassemble your existing assemblies when installing an OME system.

Suspension Notes:

  • Vehicles with KDSS, must have 1 x OME95PF5 spacer installed on the driver's side to maintain correct trim. Part# OME95PF5 - $8.75
  • No top mounting bushings are supplied. Re-use OEM bushings
  • OME661 lower shock mount stone guard is recommended for rear shocks to protect again stone chip damage. Part# OME661 - $31.50
  • Front & Rear Coil Specifications:

Please include your year and vehicle model as well as your shipping location.

Prices subject to change without notice - Prices updated 06/01/15

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