Lock Right Lockers

The Powertrax Lock-Right Locker is the original locking differential that
could be easily installed in existing case assemblies without any special
tools or setup equipment.

Land Cruiser
Part# PT-1630 1990'-97' FJ/FZJ80 Rear Only         - $349.50
Part# PT-1630 1968'-90' FJ40/55/60 Front & Rear  - $349.50
Part# PT-1631 1958'-67' FJ40 Front & Rear         - Discontinued

Toyota Pickup and 4Runner
Part# PT-1610 8" 4 cylinder                 - $319.50
Part# PT-1611 7.5" and 2wd Tacoma    - $319.50
Part# PT-1615 T100 and 4wd Tacoma   - $357.50
Part# PT-1620 V6 and Turbo 8"            - $305.50

Lockright Spring and Pin Kit
Part# LRPT1025350K                          - $19.50

Also available for most other applications, email for info and quotes

Prices subject to change without notice - Prices updated 03/01/21

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