ARB Pump Up Kit - $35.50
Part# ARB 171302
For use with the ARB CKMA12 Compressor. This kit includes the necessary fittings, a 20 foot hose, quick disconnect fittings and an air chuck for airing up tires.

Extension Hose - $23.50
Part# ARB 171301
For use with the ARB 171302 Pump Up Kit. Includes and additional 20 foot air hose.

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ARB Heavy Duty Air Line Kit - $61.50
This kit replaces the section of nylon air hose between the frame and the differential. One kit per axle.

ARB Air Line Splice Connector - $12.50
ARB Part# ARB170206
Connects plastic line on both ends, fixes cracked or melted air lines. Carry a spare!

ARB Replacement Plastic Air Line - $11.50 ea.
Part# ARB170301
Includes 20 feet of the OE blue plastic air-line.

ARB Air Line Service Kit - $27.50 ea.
Part# ARBASK001
Includes double sided splice connector, 6ft of the OE blue plastic air-line, a new ferrule and support tube.

ARB Cross shaft Retainer Pin Removal Tool - $4.50
Part# ARB1201T

ARB Bulkhead Fitting Kits
Part# ARB170102 (5mm to 3/16") - $21.50 each
Part# ARB170103 (5mm to 1/8") - $41.50 each
Part# ARB170108 (5mm to 3.5mm) - $19.50 each
Part# ARB170108
(3.5mm O-Ring
) - $16.50 each

ARB O-Rings - $3.50 ea. (2 required per locker)

Fits RD01/02/08          Part# ARB160205/160235
Fits RD23/33/124        Part# ARB160207
Fits RD23*/33*            Part# ARB160209

*Older Models Use Part# ARB160209

ARB Rocker Switch - $10.50 ea.
Part# ARB180209
Does NOT include cover, order separately below.

ARB Rocker Switch Covers - $5.50 ea.
Used with Part# ARB180209

Front Locker Actuator - Part# ARB180210
Rear Locker Actuator  - Part# ARB180211
Compressor Actuator  - Part# ARB180212

ARB Rocker Switch Removal Tool - $2.50 ea.
Part# ARB1802T

ARB Rocker Switch Mounting Brackets - $8.50 ea.
Used with Part# ARB180209

Single Switch Bracket  - Part# ARBALSB1
Double Switch Bracket - Part# ARBALSB2
Triple Switch Bracket   - Part# ARBALSB3

ARB Locker Harness - $37.50 ea.
Part# ARB180405
Complete ARB Air Locker harness for Front Locker, Rear Locker & Compressor controls.

ARB Replacement Solenoid - $62.50 ea
Part# ARB180103
OE Replacement Solenoid

ARB Replacement Pressure Switch - $22.50 ea
Part# ARBCO35
OE Replacement Pressure Switch

ARB Compressor Piston Service Kit - $54.50 ea.
Part# ARB290311

ARB Compressor Air Filter Element - $2.50 ea.
Part# ARB290503

ARB Compressor Internal Parts - CALL
Cruiser Outfitters stocks many new & used ARB Air Locker and Compressor parts including pistons, tanks, motors, etc. Call/E-mail for information, availability, and pricing.


ARB Differential Breather Kit - $72.00 ea.
Part# ARB 170112

ARB Differential Breather Kit - $34.50 ea.
Part# ARB 170113


ARB Air Lockers and Compressors
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