Strike Ravine & Upper/Lower Helldorado's - Moab, Utah

Updated 4/11/04

Strike Ravine Saved Thanks to RR4W/San Jaun County!

MONTICELLO -- A judge has denied a request for a temporary injunction that would have let a Moab couple block public access to off-road trails on land they own in San Juan County.

That was good news for the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. The group's 38th annual Jeep Safari gets under way today, and more than 60 drivers have registered for a Tuesday guided trail ride on one of the trails, Strike Ravine.

However, 7th District Judge Lyle Anderson did leave open the prospect that the other trail, Lower Helldorado may soon be closed...

Updated 12/22/03

The latest facts concerning Strike Ravine, Upper Helldorado and Lower Helldorado: (From Jeff Stevens, VP of Red Rock 4-Wheelers) 

1. They have spoken to the new land owners, and they are adament about closing the trails through their property. In fact, they have contacted San Juan County and asked that the county formally close the trails.

2. San Juan County told RR4W that they will not close the trails without first having a public hearing. A preliminary meeting is scheduled for next week, which RR4W will attend. Presumably, the hearing will then be scheduled for a later date.

3. The RR4W feel we have a good chance of keeping Strike Ravine open, since it has been in use for over 10 years. However, we have no evidence that Lower Helldorado was ever a road, or has been used as a trail for more than 5-6 years, and therefore our chances are probably slim of saving it. IF ANYONE HAS ANY EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. 

4. If the hearing results in an unfavorable decision, we are prepared to take further action.

5. In the meantime, it is important that we all obey the landowners wishes and stay off the trail. The San Juan Sheriff will (and already HAS) ticket anyone caught trespassing.

The Lower Helldorado trails are now closed. The trailhead has been blocked and "no trespassing" signs placed. The lands were previously State Trust Lands and were sold to a private individual on 10/10/03. The roads in question may or may not be protected by state and federal laws. At this time we are working with the USA-ALL and the Red Rock 4 Wheelers on solving the problem. Latest information indicates that Upper Helldorado is not on the proprerty in question, however Strike Ravine and Lower Helldorado are. The local clubs are working on options, they will be contacting the land owner to discuss his/her intentions with the property. Stay tuned!

(The Lower Helldorado Trail Entrance Photo from POR)


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What Can You Do?
For the time being, respect the owners property and stay off of the affected trails. Any solution that may be presented will include involvment with the new owners.

Read the SITLA website for details on the property as well as the sale. The trails affected are Lower Helldorado, Upper Helldorado, and Strike Ravine.

For more up to date information on Utah land use issues, please email us: landuse@cruiseroutfitters.com

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