Cardiff Fork Canyon - Big Cottonwood, Utah

Update 12/24/03

Salt Lake City has no intent to grant any easments allowing across their property. This historic mining road is over 100 years old and may be a prime RS2477 candidate. Interestingly, Salt Lake County has applied for RS2477 rights to road. Stay tuned...

SLC denies landowners motor access (12/24/03 Salt Lake Tribune)

Update 12/22/03

The United States Forest Service has granted the landowners permits to use motorized vehicles (4x4's and ATV's) to access their land. This decision does not allow public use of the road, rather gaurantees the landowners access. 

More information available here:
USFS Project and Plans: Final Decisions

The Cardiff Fork Canyon Trail is under review by the USFS. They are considering banning all forms of motorized use on this historic mining road. 

USFS Scoping Report (10/03/03)
Motorized Access to Cardiff Fork Property Under Review (10/29/03)

What Can You Do?
Take a minute to write/email the Forest Service official in charge of this proposal...

Things to write about:
How will other recreation users be affected?

What will be the effect on watershed conditions?

To what extent would an authorization increase the likelihood and effects of motorized encroachments onto public lands closed to motorized use?

In order to be considered in the analysis, comments must be received by November 3, 2003. They may be addressed to:

Loren Kroenke, District Ranger
Salt Lake Ranger District
Wasatch-Cache National Forest
Salt Lake City, UT 84121,



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