Do you want the luxury of instant and continuous hot water when camping or fishing? Make it a certainty with a Helton heat exchanger fitted to your vehicle. Enjoy hot water for showers, washing dishes and parts or just washing dirty hands after a long day on the trail. A must have for long trips, children, wives and girlfriends. Install is easy and can be completed in under an hour in most install scenarios. Helton shower and hot water units have been all over the globe, from the Outback's of Australia to the deserts of South America.

Cruiser Outfitters is proud to be bringing Helton Heat Exchangers and Helton Hot Water Showers to the United States. These kits are in stock and ready to ship!

Hot Shower Kits
Hot Water Kits
Heat Exchanger: HE1A
Heat Exchanger: HW1
Shower Head & Pump
Shower Head & Pump
 2 Coolant Line T-Connectors**
2 Coolant Line T-Connectors**
Bumper Bracket Fitting Kit
Temperature Control Valve
Storage Bag & Mounting Clamps
Bumper Bracket Fitting Kit

Storage Bag & Mounting Clamps
Retail: $375.00
Retail: $525.50
Your Price: $335.00
Your Price: $415.00

**Please specify your size of heater hose when calling. We have 5/8" and 3/4" T-Connectors available for your coolant lines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which kit is right for me?

The Hot Water Kit (Part# HELHW1KIT) will bring the water near the operating temperature of the vehicles cooling system, so around 180° F (more likely 150-170° F accounting for heat losses through the hoses, etc). The HELHW1KIT includes a temperature control valve, allowing the user to adjust the output temperature so that it can be used for a showering and other low temperature needs. The HELHW1KIT is generating water for on-board storage systems, cleaning dishes and other extended hot water needs. The Hot Shower Kit (Part# HELHE1AKIT) is capable of heating water ~40° F degrees per pass, so if you are pulling water at ~50° F degrees, it will heat it to ~90° F degrees, perfect for a camp shower! If the water isn't quite warm enough on the first pass, simply run the water on a second pass by pumping it in and out of the same water container until your desired temperature is achieved. Great for the 'set it and forget it' type. The external dimensions of the two heat exchangers is identical, the heat absorption difference is due to the increased number of tube wraps inside of the hot water (HW1) heat exchanger versus that of the hot shower (HE1A) heat exchanger. Detail specifications on the heat exchangers can be view here.

Can I purchase the heat exchanger or additional parts separately?

Absolutely, see our Individual Parts Pricing below. The kits shown above are packaged with the components as listed above. Please note that while we can sell individual parts, the prices will reflect those shown below and not as a deduction from the kit pricing. Also please note that some components can only be sold as an assembly, for example the shower head & pump units are only sold together, and that kit includes the bag, a shower head suction cup mount and a hose hook for those using the unit inside of a portable tent or shower shelter. If you are using your own pump but will need a shower head or are interested in the storage bag, please contact us for special arrangements as this is not generally offered ala carte at this time. All complete Helton kits are furnished with installation instructions.

Is the kit right for me or should I consider just the heat exchanger?

Great question and the answer rest solely in your wants and needs. The pre-arranged Helton kits we offer include a low volume, low pressure pump, perfect for a camp shower particularly when conserving your water supply. Approximately half of our customers purchase just the heat exchangers and mounting clamps and plumb their own system, often using a much higher volume (up to 3 gallons/minute can be used) pump for higher output showers and water needs. Fittings, valves, hose and clamps can be sourced at your local hardware, auto supply or RV/boat supply outlets and really your system can be as unique as your vehicle. Given the vast number of different ways these systems can be plumbed, we offer the heat exchangers ala carte, please see our Individual Parts Pricing below.

What other parts and supplies will I need to complete the install?

The Hot Water and Hot Shower Helton kits do NOT include the 3/8", 5/8", or 3/4" hose & hose clamps you will need to complete the installation as these are application specific and vary based on your heat exchanger mounting and quick disconnect kit. These items can easily be purchased at a local auto parts or hardware store for under $20. Kits do require some mechanical background for installation. Call or email for more information prior to ordering kit if you are not comfortable with the installation procedures shown here.

Individual Parts Pricing:
12V Shower/Pump Unit & Bag (Part# HEL12VP) - $ 45.00 ea.
Shower Heat Exchanger Only (Part# HELHE1A) - $ 255.00 ea.
Hot Water Heat Exchanger Only (Part# HELHW1) - $ 320.00 ea.
Rubber Insulated 3" Mounting Clamp (Part# HELCLAMP) - $8.00 ea.
Bumper Mount Quick Disconnect Kit (Part# HELBUMP) - $16.00 ea.
Inline Temperature Control Valve (Part# HELTCV) - $30.00 ea.

5/8" T-Fitting (Part# HEL58T) - $11.00 ea.
3/4" T-Fitting (Part# HEL34T) - $11.00 ea.

Heat Exchanger Installation
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Heat Exchanger Specifications:
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(Freshwater Pick-up Unit)
Shower Head Unit W/Suction Cup Mount

Setup Ready For Use:

(Note water source - ice water from cooler)

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